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日博体育在线学校的世界语言部提供西班牙语和法语课程. The goal of our dep艺术ment is to prepare students to 沟通 成功地掌握了另一门现代语言. 教师强调积极沟通,努力培养学生的文化意识技能, 听, 说话, 阅读, 和写作. 所有以世界语言提供的课程都可以获得全球学习计划的学分.

日博体育app students are required to complete French III or Spanish III (with a passing average) in order to graduate. 在三年的要求结束时, 学生应精通功能, able to address basic needs and express themselves in straightforward social situations in the target 文化. Any student with at least a B- average is strongly encouraged to continue their language studies beyond level III, 因为许多竞争激烈的大学需要四年或更长时间的语言学习.

Our advanced levels (IV and higher) allow students to pursue advanced communication skills 和更多的 in-depth cultural studies, 包括文学, 电影, 和各种媒体. Our Advanced Placement curricula have been approved by the College Board, and in many cases a successful year in an AP language class will afford a student some college credit while still in high 学校.

Language-Centered旅行: 日博体育在线在日博体育在线学校相信这很实用, real-life language experience is the perfect complement to the classroom. In addition to regular trips abroad to gain practical experience with the languages and 文化s that we study in the classroom, we p艺术ner with the Haut-Lac Bilingual International School in St. Légier,瑞士和圣. 保罗在巴塞罗那的学校, 西班牙为有兴趣的学生提供长期的海外学习经历. 近年来, 日博体育在线学校的学生和老师也参加了魁北克的冬季狂欢节, 在哥斯达黎加, and to several different regions in France (Paris, 卢瓦尔河谷, 诺曼底, 布列塔尼, 普罗旺斯, 比利牛斯山, 和香槟).

日博体育app Language Societies and Model United Nations: The 日博体育app Language Society and the Model UN groups meet on a semi-regular basis to promote 文化 on campus as well as to connect 日博体育app to the global community. The Language Society sponsors events during and outside the 学校 day, 比如国际电影之夜,以探索和庆祝其他语言的电影艺术, Language Table Days in the dining hall to practice casual conversation, 以及校园里的其他文化节日. The Model UN group studies international affairs and p艺术icipates in regional and national Model UN events.

如果你对日博体育在线学校的世界语言系有任何疑问, please contact dep艺术ment chair Helen Matthews at 请咨询日博体育在线 世界语言分级考试.




为什么学习法语? Aside from the beauty of the language and 文化 (the food, 时尚, 艺术, 和文学), there are many practical reasons to study French. French is one of the most commonly used languages on the web, and one of the most important languages in the 业务 world. 它对科学、技术、医学和政府部门的职业非常有用,而且通常是必需的. 法语是联合国仅有的两种工作语言之一(另一种是英语), 欧洲委员会, 国际劳动局, 国际货币基金组织, 以及国际红十字会. French is the first or second language of 49 countries and is spoken by over 220 million people in the world. 最后,法国是世界上第一大旅游目的地,游客人数甚至超过了美国.S.

法国的我: French I offers a tremendous opportunity for students who have no (or limited) experience with the French language. Through a context-driven and story-based curriculum, 学生将获得阅读能力, 写作, 说话 and 听 skills in the target language. Students learn new vocabulary and grammar structures through stories, 面试, 视频, 叙事文本, 和游戏. 法语I的主题包括数字, 颜色, 介绍, 描述, 家庭/遗产, 学校, 日常习惯, 利益, 旅行, 的表达意见, 未来的计划, and an exploratory look at countries of the Francophone world. The majority of the class is taught in simple and understandable French to emphasize student comprehension of the language. As students are increasingly exposed to the language, they will acquire new vocabulary and structures, 导致法语的自然产生. 在这节课结束时, 学生将会接触到一般规则动词和不规则动词的现在时态和近将来时态, 惯用短语, 描述性的语言, 和实用的日常表达/闲聊. French I is an interactional and communicative class that provides students with a solid foundation in language and 文化. 全球,6学分,提供教材一本

法国二世: 法语二是在法语一的基础上巩固和发展的. 法兰西二世末期, 学生将能够表达复杂的想法和理解母语人士. Their “survival skills” will increase dramatically; at the end of the year, 他们可以去法语国家旅游,真正享受那里的人民和文化. Students continue to build vocabulary by theme: vacations and 旅行, 家庭生活, 美食和烹饪, 健康和日常生活, 技术, 和运输. Grammar studies include an expansion of the passé composé, 他们用哪一个与未完成时态一起来讲述过去有意义的故事. Students also expand their use of object pronouns and irregular verbs. They learn to express reflexive and reciprocal actions, as well as the future and conditional of regular and irregular verbs. 他们的文化研究包括法语和法语国家的假期和假期, 住房, 菜, 健康, 技术和产业, 和城市生活. 先决条件:法国我. 全球,6学分,提供教材一本

法国III: 法语III加强并巩固了学生在法语I和法语II中学到的知识. Students further their ability to 沟通 in the language through continued use and review of previously learned structures. 通过情境驱动的课程, students improve their expressive language by learning to use the simple future and conditional mode (used to discuss hypothetical situations), while practicing and integrating other verb forms. 本课程利用文化和主题来介绍新的结构和词汇. 这些包括阀体/健康, 自然/环境, 艺术, 技术, 时事, 惯用短语, 政治体系. 法兰西三世末期, students are able to hold more philosophical and opinion-based discussions in which they understand and express complex ideas in both oral, 听觉, 读和写形式. 在这门课, 学生们努力复习, 主, and fluidly integrate essential language concepts, 将它们应用到新的主题中. French III is an interactional and communicative class that provides students with the opportunity to further their foundation in French language and 文化. 先决条件:法国二世. 全球6学分. 将提供一本教科书

法国4: 在法国第四, 只用法语进行, students review and expand their skills in spoken and written French. As they continue thematic vocabulary and grammar review and expansion, 他们还将阅读复杂的法语和法语文学作品和期刊, 他们会看法国新闻, 电影, 和视频. 到今年年底, 他们可以用法语就各种各样的话题进行正常的交谈, including politics 和更多的 philosophical subjects. 第四年的课程通常是学生沟通技能真正提高的地方! 在今年年底, students should be prepared either to take AP French, or to enter a third-year university French course. 日博体育在线在课堂上的主要工具是课本Imaginez,以及配套的Supersite和练习册. 然而,日博体育在线使用许多其他的资源,如技术、电影、音乐、文学和期刊. Assessments include regular oral presentations, 测试, 小测验, 以及书中每一章的作文. 先决条件:法国三世. 全球,6学分,提供教材一本 

美联社法语: The AP French Language course is designed to provide students with the tools to improve their communicative 能力 in French – spoken and written. 这个类, 是用法语进行的吗, is comparable in difficulty to a third-year college class. 日博体育在线使用教科书(Thèmes), 但也有很多其他来源——法国新闻, 音乐, 电影, 文学和艺术. Our goals are simple but demanding: To expand vocabulary, 提高跨文化理解, and to become proficient in each area of communication (interpersonal, 解释, and presentational) in spoken and written French. The course hinges on six major themes: Global Challenges, 科学 & Technology; Contemporary Life, Personal & 公开身份,家庭 & 社区,和美丽 & 美学. 日博体育在线将从过去、现在和未来的角度探讨每一个主题. 前提条件:法语四级B-或更高. 国际AP 6学分教材:Thèmes. ISBN: 978-1-68004-099-9. Student Textbook and eBook w/ Supersite Plus Code


A recognized language of the United States (the U.S. is the second largest Spanish-说话 country), Spanish is also a useful language all over the world. The number of books published in Spanish worldwide is second only to the number published in 英语. Spanish language fluency could be important to a career in journalism, 政府, 教育, 医学, 法律, 医学, 业务, 和许多其他人. 了解西班牙语的电视节目、书籍、电影、唱片等的数量急剧增加., that you can enjoy, as well as opening doors in this country and abroad.

西班牙语我: 西班牙语1是一个基于故事的课程,学生接触该语言是有意义的, 重复的、更符合实际的, 非常注重听力理解. Lessons are highly interactive and personalized. 故事, 歌曲, 读者剧场, 视频, 互动在线活动, authentic materials and other resources provide context for learning phrases and vocabulary related to numbers, 颜色, 介绍, 描述, 家庭, 日常习惯, 利益, 身体部位, 旅行, 表达意见和未来计划, 和更多的. Students read two simple novels together as a class, and gradually work toward 阅读 independently. 学习地理知识, 假期, 海关, 历史, and 文化 of a variety of Spanish-说话 countries. 期望从年鉴开始的理解转变为作为课程的生产, 和学生的能力, progress. 类似的, the course’s first focus is 听 and 阅读, 和写作 and 说话 are increased throughout the year organically. 到今年年底, students will have a strong enough grasp of the highest frequency verbs and phrases in the Spanish language to 沟通 in the present tense, have simple conversations about the world around them, and comprehend a great deal more as perceptive listeners. 全球6学分, 将提供一本教科书

西班牙2: After students are introduced to the language in level I, they continue on their journey of becoming independent p艺术icipants (rather than passive observers) of the 文化s we are studying. The goal of Spanish II is to make students functional 旅行ers who not only enjoy and understand the cultural differences around them, 还能自信地与说西班牙语的人交流. 本课程将透过小说扩展学生对语言和文化的理解, 短篇小说, 游戏, 歌曲, 以及其他可信的资源. 到今年年底, 学生们将阅读几本适合初学者的小说, 扩大他们写作的复杂性, and present various topics to their peers both formally and informally. 从语法的角度来看, students will acquire the fundamentals of the present and past tenses as well as the imperative mood. 而课程内容则会根据学生的兴趣和全球事件而改变, the level II curriculum covers a number of key themes using a comprehensible input approach and TPRSbased strategies. 食物, 旅行, 健康, 服装, and daily routine are amongst the topics covered throughout the year, 以西班牙语社区的相关节日和基本传统为基础. 先决条件:西班牙我. 全球6学分. Textbooks: ISBN 978-1-945956-69-0 "Leyendas impactantes" by Kristy Placido ISBN 978-1-945956-34-8 "Vidas impactantes" by Kristy Placido

西班牙3: 西班牙语III加强并巩固了学生在西班牙语I和II中所学的内容. Students are now ready to st艺术 producing the language and are encouraged to use their knowledge to 沟通 in the target language. 通过项目和专题单元, 如旅行, 购物, 日常工作, 讨论未来, 培养学生在西班牙语环境中发挥作用的能力. 此外, by 阅读 stories and watching 视频 in Spanish, students will strengthen their vocabulary and comprehension. Some of the grammar studies include present, preterite vs. 不完美,未来对. 条件,虚拟语气. 到今年年底, 学生将能够叙述过去的事件, 讨论将来的情况和假设的情况, 表达对抽象话题的看法, circumlocute, comprehend native speakers in contextualized situations, and write without relying heavily on outside resources. 先决条件:西班牙二世. 全球,6学分,提供教材一本

西班牙语对话与文化: This conversation-based class is designed to develop and strengthen Spanish conversational fluency through an exploration of 时事, 历史, and cultural traditions in the Spanish-说话 world. 这些资源包括真实的资源,如国际媒体、文学和电影. Students are expected to be more autonomous and are responsible for class discussions and presentations. It can be taken instead of or in addition to Spanish IV or AP Spanish, 并且是专为想要有针对性地练习口语会话的学生设计的. Please note that Spanish IV is the prerequisite for AP Spanish. 前提条件:西班牙语III或更高. 全球,6学分,提供教材一本

西班牙4: This course will expand the student’s understanding of language, 文化, 西班牙语文学, 为了找到新的个人兴趣, 能力, 和知识. 到今年年底 students will read several full-length novels, 将他们的写作扩展到论文水平, and present various topics to their peers both formally and informally. 从语法的角度来看, 到今年年底,学生将掌握所有主要的动词时态, 除了微调他们对复杂虚拟语气的理解. 而课程内容则会根据学生的兴趣和全球事件而改变, past units have included baseball and the Dominican Republic, 萨尔瓦多内战和帮派生活, 墨西哥/墨西哥裔文化和身份认同, 阿根廷的“肮脏战争,以及拉丁美洲土著和殖民群体之间的关系. 每个主题都以可理解输入法为基础,并使用基于tprs的策略进行教学. 先决条件:西班牙三世. 全球,6学分,提供教材一本 18

美联社西班牙语: 仅用西班牙语进行, this rigorous course analyzes a variety of topics in the Spanish-说话 world from the perspective of six major themes: 家庭 and communities, 科学和技术, 美和美学, 当代生活, 全球挑战, 以及个人和公共身份. 学生应该期望通过课堂上的知识讨论和辩论来探索这些观点, 结合课外的评论文章和个人回应. 正式和非正式阅读, 写作, 听 and 说话 skills will all be strengthened by the in-depth study of advanced grammar and vocabulary in preparation for the AP exam in May. 在特玛斯教科书的帮助下, 母语人士提供的真实资料有助于形成每节课的基础. 在年底, students should be ready for an upper-level university course in Spanish – and a wide variety of real-life experiences using the Spanish language. 前提条件:B级或更高. IV. Global, AP, 6 credits Textbook: Temas, 2nd edition. ISBN: 978-1-54330-632-3. 学生教科书和考试准备工作文本与在线Supersite访问代码.