日博体育app is pleased to partner with a new college planning system called SCOIR. We believe that it is a great system for discovering colleges that match students personal and academic interests as well as navigating the college application process.

Students can use SCOIR to search for and start building a list of colleges that interest them, gauge their likelihood of admission to various colleges, 做个虚拟旅游, 填写调查, sign up for the hundred or so colleges that visit 日博体育app each fall, 和更多的. 父母 also have access to SCOIR to assist students in their college selection and to gain more insight about the cost of attendance at different colleges.  Our college counseling department will be using SCOIR to communicate with students and families during their college planning process and to electronically deliver application materials to colleges.

We are excited to be able to provide SCOIR to our students, 家人和老师, and think that all will find it helpful and easy to use!