A Letter From The Health Services Center

Spring 2022 Trimester

As we round year two of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am pleased to share an important policy change with you.

  • Face masks will be optional for everyone in all areas on campus
  • Face masks indoors will be recommended for anyone who is not vaccinated, is immunocompromised, or is otherwise at risk for severe illness from contracting COVID-19
  • Shaming, questioning, or bullying anyone who chooses to wear a face-covering at any time will not be tolerated

The above guidance on face masks is in line with the new CDC guidelines published on February 25, 2022. It is also in accordance with advice from the Bucks County Department of Health, our school doctors and nurses, and CHOP’s PolicyLab. 

While this change is a huge step in getting us “back to normal,” please know that we are not abandoning all disease prevention measures. We will continue the following:

  • Weekly voluntary testing for anyone who is not fully vaccinated
  • Notifying close contacts of positive cases individually but we will no longer send weekly emails detailing our test numbers
  • Testing for any community member who is symptomatic
  • Emphasizing to families and staff that individuals with respiratory illness should stay home while symptomatic and until COVID-19 has been ruled out as the cause of the illness
  • All community members may continue to wear masks and may increase their protection by wearing a more protective KN95 mask if desired
  • Using HEPA filters and increasing ventilation in classrooms by opening windows; encourage outdoor dining and gathering
  • Monitoring infection rates and prevalence in the area and will update the masking policy as needed, in accordance with CDC guidelines

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we pledged to do our best to keep the community safe by following the recommendations of the CDC, Bucks County Department of Health, the CHOP PolicyLab, and our own doctors and nurses. I am happy to say that they are all in agreement that a mask-optional policy is the best step forward for the wellness of our community.


Leila Crooks BSN, RN P’22
Director of Health Services